“Between2Clouds produces one of the best variety shows (Between2Clouds to You).

As a working standup it’s always pretty difficult to find gigs, outside of a comedy club, that are exciting to do. This show always has an open minded and receptive audience that is down to earth, and really open minded to trying new things. Outside of just having a good set, I have genuine fun performing and usually end up staying to watch whatever is going on for the rest of the show.”

- Wolfgang Hunter, local Raleigh comic and host of Imurj’s Comedy Open mic

“The [Between2Clouds] shindigs have been the highlights of my recent life.”

“What Between2Clouds brings to his social events is the same thing that Steve Jobs brought to Apple, Robert Downey Jr. brought to film, Trent Reznor brought to music, and Carl Sagan brought to science: himself. He employs his rare mindset to organize events with enlightened intention, gathering those who enjoy sharing fine food, art, music, comedy, and frivolity. Each of his events is a whole that is significantly greater than the sum of its parts, from which opportunities can be grasped and grokked with ease, by those with the presence and mindset to do so. Between2Clouds' shindigs have been highlights of my recent life, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying B2C's future offerings.”

— Ryan Patridge, attendee of every Between2Clouds event this year

“Between2clouds puts on some of the better comedy shows in the triangle.

The audience is always on board and energetic and the comics that are picked are always diverse and most of all funny. If you like comedy, between2clouds shows are the place to go.”

- Alex Garrettson, winner of NC’s Funniest competition at Goodnights Comedy Club in 2018

"[Between2Clouds and his team] never fails to deliver a stellar experience for all attendees.

They are courteous and responsible from start-to-finish, and I fully expect their events to grow as they become a brand associated with excellence.”

- Dr. Gabriel Pappalardo, PhD I/O Psychology

“Between2Clouds and his team bring the perfect balance of professionalism and enthusiasm to every event.”

“I’ve been attending the b2c2u events almost since their inception, and have performed at two of them. I was immediately hooked on the concept - up-and-coming musical acts, comedians, visual artists, and DJs coming together in one night to do what they love for a diverse audience. I’ve met so many great people, both performing and attending. And at every house event, have love, love, loved the fabulous, healthy meals Chef Jordan Hollins has prepared!

Between2Clouds and his team bring the perfect balance of professionalism and enthusiasm to every event. They continue to raise the bar for themselves ‒ and meet it. It’s been so fun to see their vision grown and evolve, and I’m happy and excited to see it expanding into public venues so more people can share in the experience.

As a performer, Between2Clouds2You has been a great opportunity to increase my fan base and perform alongside other great acts. B2C and his team do a solid job setting things up, running sound, and making sure performers have everything they need.  They make it easy and fun!”

- Jem Hopkins, indie singer/songwriter, regular attendee

[A review of the B2C2U event which has moved from houses to venues]

“Two households, both alike in dignity
In fair Wake Forest and Raleigh where we lay our scenes,
Every fortnight a house show unlike any other is going on.
No, you won't see handstands on kegs (or lampstands with legs.)
You will see artists networking, wonder aficionados conglomerating, ALL sharing a freshly made meal, art, and celebrating another day.
BetwixtACoupleSkyMarshmallows (AKA @Between2Clouds)
is a man, a myth, a dj, a talent scout, an idea, a collective.  A whirlwind of faces in one mystique which opens a space for comics, musicians, and artists to communally wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind us.  
That waking is an invitation for today, not for tomorrow when our bodies arise from our beds.  Handpicked comics and musicians from around East North Carolina share the same space for a night to wake up to fresh ideas, laugh at ourselves and share new connections.”

— Yada Yada, local musician and personality, co-host of Between2Clouds to You!