Welcome Skyhouse folks and wandering eyes!

This page will provide all relevant information for events being held at Skyhouse now and in the future.

Facebook event link: click here!
Registration link: click here!

*Free event for all Skyhouse residents and guests of Skyhouse residents with registration. Registration is on the ticket link. A guest will only be permitted if accompanied by a Skyhouse resident and each resident is limited to 1 guest.*
*60-70 minutes of comedy from some of the most talented comics in the state. One of the best line-ups by far that you'll get to experience outside of Goodnights or the Improv.
*7pm start time of show.
*You can of course hang out before and after the show.
*Skyhouse will be providing snacks and drinks.
*Will be live streaming it to instagram:

Looking forward to hanging out and laughing with y'all!

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at contact@between2clouds.com