An intimate event with various forms of entertainment and designed to feel like you’re hanging out with friends.

Between2Clouds to You is a recurring event local to The Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, as well as Wake Forest and other surrounding areas). It features live music performances, some of the best stand up comedy in the area, music curated by talented local artist/DJs, visual art on display from local artists and being created live, and healthy and tasty food.

B2C2U was designed with health and fun as its foundation. The music performances, stand up comedy, healthy food, and the many other factors that make up this intimate event are puzzle pieces that come together to bring people all the things they need to be inspired to be more authentic, have more fun, be more bold, and more of whatever it is they want to be.



Live Music Performance

Stand Up Comedy

Tasty and healthy food

Visual Art

B2C2U has had 15 brilliant and always different events. Many beautiful memories have been made! We used to hold it every 2 weeks, but now it will become crowdfunded. Tickets will be made available for B2C2U at all times. Once enough sell, we will announce a date and location within 2 months. This allows the event to be at the level of quality that we are already capable of and an event such as this should be!